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NORMAL OR NOT? What to Expect after an In-Clinic Abortion
  Normal or Not? What to Expect After an In-Clinic Abortion is a color-coded card telling your client what symptoms after an abortion are normal, what symptoms are not normal, and when she should call for help. It describes bleeding, pain/cramps, body temperature, and other symptoms.


  • Two-sided, six-panel wallet card, 4X6 inches folded
  • Coded in traffic-light colors: green for normal, fuchsia for not normal, amber for concerns
  • Graphic icons reinforce text
  • 4th grade reading level
  • Updated 2013

en Español, ¿ES NORMAL O NO? Qué puede esperar después de un aborto realizado en una clínica

NORMAL OR NOT? What to Expect after an In-Clinic Abortion
Item Code: PPNY01WH1928
ISBN 978-1-935100-19-5
View sample publication here.

Price: $5.00 for 1 sample brochure (up to 49)
Buy in bulk for savings: 50 brochures for $10.00, 100 brochures for $18.00, 200 brochures for $30.00, 500 brochures for $60.00, 1000 brochures for $100.00
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